About e-publicrealestate.gr

The novel concept of exploiting the public properties with electronic auctions was introduced by PPCo’s (Public Properties Company) managers on July 2012. On October 2012 it was incorporated as a basic action in the Company’s “Strategy 2013 – 2106” and on December the same year it was integrated in the “Operational Plan 2013” which was submitted to the Minister of Finance Mr J. Stournaras.

PPCo through www.e-publicrealestate.gr offers a unique portal which will promote electronically public properties either for sales or lease and conduct electronic auctions for these properties.

about_imgPPCo through this portal aims to:

  • Create an electronic market place which will promote all properties ready for exploitation.
  • Provide to interested investors all essential pieces of information for each property ready for sale or lease.
  • Provide the opportunity to all Greek citizens to conclude sale or lease transactions from any distance and at great speed. The same opportunity will be provided to EU citizens or citizens elsewhere in the world.
  • Provide transparency in all sale and lease transactions.
  • Maximize State’s profits.

The portal www.e-publicrealestate.gr was designed and developed within PPCo from its executives with the leadership of Mr D. Balikos, Supervisor of the IT Department and Mr F. Ntouskas, developer in the same Department.