e-Auction IX, Notice for the amendment - deadline extension of Special Auction Terms concerning the tenders of assets with auction ID Q29534-109742R2, Q109784, Q6377-93576-93577R2, Q109342R3, Q109349R2, Q110463R3 and Q110941R3. Check for more details on Auction News page and Auction Terms of each asset.

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The Realtors simultaneously with the submission of “Bidding Approval Request” to an auction should send an e-mail to the portal administrator declaring: (a) the name/legal name of the physical/legal person which will represent in the auction and (b) that they hold the Realtor Authorization for the specific property. Also they should send, together with the other auction participation documents, an authorized declaration declaring that they act on behalf of their client, stating his/hers name and the number of the Realtor Authorization Form.